Is Video Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan?

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There is no doubt the use of Internet video for marketing purposes is growing. Driving this trend is simply the overall increase in demand for video by consumers. In 2012 Internet users watched on average 40% more video than in 2011. By the end of 2014 online video is on track to account for 50% of all Internet traffic.

The first step in the process of turning a prospect into a buyer of your product or service is catching the potential customer’s attention and holding it. Video is an excellent way to do this. 46% of video viewers reported that they were likely to seek out more information about a product or brand after viewing a video.

This means businesses with videos are attracting about half of all Internet users in a way that other businesses are not. Further more, this attention is being held through the end of the video and long enough for the viewer to visit a website or make a phone call.

Video is also an extremely efficient way to communicate with consumers when considering the time and effort they have to spend on receiving your message. One minute of video is the equivalent of approximately 1.8 million written words. Whether a company is trying to communicate through informing, persuading, or reminding, video offers so much more than a block of text can in any reasonable amount of time.

Take this article for example. Until this point you have read about 240 words, and how long did it take you? Probably about a minute. While blogging and traditional writing are great marketing tools, what if you had been watching a video instead of reading this article? You would have gained 7,500 times more information than what you have just learned here!

Now imagine this is your business we are talking about. You can write something for your viewers to read and they will leave with some information. Or, you can show them a video. Not only will your audience be more likely to seek out additional information on your business, they will already know more than you could ever have time to write.

This aspect of video is especially important for targeting today’s busy workforce. For example, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text on the same topic.

Not only does video hold all this power of communication, it is also extremely easy to use efficiently. A single video can be used in many different ways with minimal alterations. Video can be placed on a webpage, aired on television, or imbedded in an eBlast. When a video is used in email marketing along with a subject line including the word “video,” the click through rates increase by as much as 13%.

Another popular way to reach consumers is through social media. 50% of social media users said they were likely to watch a video posted socially by a brand they follow.

With the extensive growth in video consumption paired with the power and flexibility of video marketing, companies have a great opportunity in digital marketing just waiting to be taken advantage of.

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